Bohemian Hobo Purse

Crochet Hobo Purse

How to Make a Similar Crochet Hobo Bag


Make 6 (9 inch) motifs.

This purse uses the flower motif created by Laurie Dale. You can find her Floral Dimensions Pattern here

Attach squares together.

positioning of squares

With right sides (RS) facing each other, slip stitch in the back loops to connect each.

Right sides facing each other

Slip Stitch into Back Loops

Crochet in back loops

Attached squares

Single Crochet around each bottom side with same color (dark denim in pictures)

Attach accent color (gray). Chain 3, *DC CL, Chain 2, Skip 1. Repeat* End with DC CL with Chain 3 and Sl St into Chain.

Attach another accent color (Teal). Chain 4, *SC in 1st DC, Treble crochet into skipped stitch from previous round. Repeat *




Attach accent color (gray). Chain 1. Single Crochet across.

Purse Handle

Chain 24. SC in each across. Width is a personal choice. Just remember you need enough width to be able to fold it over and crochet the handle closed.

Length is a personal preference. When you think you are at good length, put the strap on your shoulder and place the purse at the end of it and decide if you are happy with the length.

To add strength to the purse handle and to prevent flexibility, I weaved in twine to the handle.

If you added twine, weave it in.

Slip Stitch close the handle with twine or ribbon on the inside

Slip stitch in the back loops to close the handle

Attach the handle of the purse to the corners of the purse.  Add a liner for extra durability. How to sew a liner into a purse

Final step, add the fringe to the purse. Cut yarn at about 10 inches. I added the yarn in bunches of 5 at even intervals.  How to make Fringe


Crochet Hobo Purse

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